George Low

Managing Director, United States & Sri Lanka

Managing Director responsible for both the United States and Sri Lankan business entities. He has spent the majority of his career within the Group and has developed relationships across many industries to deliver unique customer solutions for our clients. When he's not instrumenting the largest turbines in the world with strain gauge sensors, in the twilight hours George can be found in his shop restoring one of his vintage trucks.

Domenic El-Achkar

Director of Engineering

Domenic leads the engineering departments for both HITEC facilities; product design and development. He was formerly an engineering manager at HITEC and Technical Director at PCB Load and Torque. He has a passion for skiing and jumping basketball hoops and loves discovering new places and reading about them.

Jeff Drecnik

Director of Sales

Jeff leads the sales, customer service, and marketing teams. He has lead sales channel management and applications engineering for TT Electronics and Honeywell; and for many years was a manufacturer’s representative of HITEC. He has a love of history, biking, and spending time with family.

Dave Palardy

Operations Manager

Dave manages all of HITEC's operations with responsibility for production, materials, and facilities operations. Dave studies Operations Management at Northeastern University and has spent 25 years applying best practices in lean manufacturing. He is a great reader of American history - our past can sometimes inform how we should best approach the future - and he loves to recharge his batteries sailing with family.

Andy Royal

Aerospace Program Manager

Andy heads up HITEC's Aerospace segment and facilitates on-time and on-quality design and build programs for in-flight sensor applications. He has four decades of experience delivering strain gauge sensor performance across three continents. Ask Andy about his interest in the preservation of historic railway locomotives and vintage aircraft.

Upul Tennakoon

General Manager, Sri Lanka

Upul has lead HITEC's Sri Lanka team for the past decade. He has over 25 years of design, manufacturing, and management experience and is an acknowledged expert in his field of aeronautical sensor applications. He has a passion for wildlife and spending time traveling with his family.

Anura Pahalage

Business Development Manager

Anura leads the industrial manufacturing and business operations in the facility in Sri Lanka. He has extensive hands-on experience in manufacturing engineering as well as process development. Anura loves to spend time with his family, to travel, and has been known to follow cricket.