Get quality and reliable results by outsourcing your next strain gauge installation to HITEC Sensors

We call it transducerizing your component. Applying strain gauge technology directly to your component or system allows you to measure static and dynamic forces and loads without adding an external sensor. Strain gauges are frequently used in mechanical engineering R&D projects to directly measure stresses generated by use.

HITEC has the experience and expertise for precision strain gauge application on a wide variety of customer-supplied components. Application can be performed in-house or on location.

On-Site Strain Gauge Installation and Data Acquisition

Not able to ship your part to HITEC for gauge installation? Then let HITEC come to you. Our field-savvy engineers and technicians are skilled in sensor installation from start to finish:

  • Project management of complex logistics
  • Subcontracting, evaluation, selection and sensor tracking
  • Experts that can work independently or alongside your strain measurement team
  • Will travel worldwide for your on-site strain gauging and data acquisition needs

Testing and Measurement Support

HITEC’s sensor installation and data acquisition expertise are proven to help meet a variety of testing and measurement needs:

  • Design verification
  • Full-scale composites testing
  • Structures testing
  • Static, dynamic and live-load monitoring
  • Tension distribution measurement
  • CTE testing
  • Thermal, mechanical and residual stress analysis
  • Support for low-cycle fatigue, tensile strength, compressive strength, bending, indentation and puncture testing, rotating bend fatigue, crack growth, creep strength, and bi-axial tension and torsion.

Component Instrumentation

We have extensive experience instrumenting customer-supplied components for a variety of tests, including durability, fatigue, tensile strength, compressive strength, bending, crack propagation and many more.

We offer a full suite of strain gauging services to meet your individual needs. Trust our engineering team to work with you from the beginning of the project with gauge selection and location through signal conditioning. We also do installation of other sensors such as accelerometers or thermocouples, should your testing needs include those.

Strain Gauges for Elevated Temperature & Extreme Environments

Strain measurements in extreme environments can often be a difficult task. Working directly with your engineering staff, drawing upon a half century of direct industry experience, HITEC provides specialized instrumentation expertise for static and dynamic measurements in extreme environments that include severe temperatures, presence of fluids, high or low pressures, and vibrations.

Strategic strain gauge placement with the appropriate protective coating provides the ability to accurately measure strain in various locations. We help customers achieve their goals of identifying operational safety parameters that include stress limits, deflection limits and high cycle fatigue.

HITEC’s instrumentation capabilities include:

  • Strain gauge application: foil, free-filament, semiconductor and weldable gauges
  • Ceramic cement and Rokide Flame Spray for elevated temperatures
  • Temperature sensor application (thermocouples, RTD sensors)
  • Pressure sensors
  • Rake and probe assembly
  • Bearing thrust, shaft torque and force sensors
  • Rotating machinery expertise
  • Leading-edge airfoil sensors
  • Accelerometers
  • Slip ring and telemetry system integration

Our sensor installations are proven to survive countless hours of rigorous testing. Our technicians experienced in extreme environments can perform sensor installations that incorporate Rokide Flame Spray and other protective measures, with wire routing and splicing on-site.

  • Foil with epoxy cements to 600°F
  • Semi-conductor with epoxy cements to 400°F
  • Unbacked semi-conductor with ceramic cement to 700°F
  • Free filament with ceramic cements to 1200°F
  • Free filament with Rokide flame spray to 2200°F (using inconel wires)

    - Impellers

    - Turbo compresser

    - Vane and blade segments

    - Exhaust systems

    - Fuel nozzles 

What are the benefits?

Benefits of outsourcing to HITEC:

  • Skilled team of application engineers and technician staff with an average 15 years of strain  gauge technology experience
  • State-of-the-art techniques for applications on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Finest  gauge wire and environmental coating, suitable for strain measurements from cryogenic to 1800°F
  • Relationships with the industry’s top strain  gauge, wire, coating, connector, telemetry and data acquisition manufacturers
  • Quality and quick-turn installations to meet the most aggressive strain testing schedules
  • On-site machine shop and calibration capabilities

Let us know how you would like us to support you; we are here to help you succeed.

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