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A transducer, or sensor, is an effective means of sensing and quantifying a physical characteristic—such as force, load, torque, pressure or displacement—and converting it to an electrical signal to be used for test and measurement or feedback control systems. A strain gauge-based transducer is one of the most accurate ways to measure force, an effective way to add sensing capabilities to just about any component or system, and can be integrated into an assembly during any stage of the product life cycle.

HITEC has been designing and building custom force sensors for all kinds of applications for 50 years. We have the experience and expertise to provide custom products that meet the exact requirements of your application, so that you’re not limited to using off-the-shelf products.

The process starts with an in-depth discussion with our Applications Engineering team, so that we fully understand what you are trying to accomplish. Working together and using the most advanced modeling software, we’ll come up with a design that clearly meets all required performance characteristics. After review and approval, we’ll build prototypes for further qualification testing.

Once you’re completely satisfied, we’ll release the design to OEM production. HITEC supports manufacturing of custom products at all levels, from one-offs to annual production quantities of over 100,000.

Let us know how you would like us to support you; we are here to help you succeed.


The Whole Package

HITEC offers: 

  • A staff of engineers with years of experience in custom-designed transducers
  • Complete mechanical and electrical design capabilities
  • FEA analysis for stress pattern prediction
  • A wide variety of strain gauge types including resistive, high output and semiconductor strain gauges
  • Complete design and manufacturing of all components including component flexure, custom electrical PC boards, chip-based amplifiers, telemetry systems, and all miscellaneous components such as housings, flexible circuits, cables, cable strain relief, and connectors for a turnkey transducer assembly
  • Temperature compensation per specification
  • Environmental protection and PC board conformal coating
  • Force calibration in tension and compression
  • Torque calibration
  • A wide variety of outputs, including analog and digital signals of your choice
  • Higher-level assembly with transducer integration capabilities
  • US-based and offshore manufacturing options
  • ISO 9001-2008 quality management
  • AS9100 certification
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