HUMANETICS SENSORS: HITEC is part of the Humanetics Sensors group that combines the capabilities of Fibercore's specialized fiber optics, HITEC's custom sensors and OpTek's fiber processing, micromanufacturing and precision engineering. Our combined capabilities offer customers a unique ability to develop custom fiber sensors for critical environments, at micron precision.

Partnership for Confidence

Custom Sensor Solutions

We provide customized load cells, force sensors, torque and pressure transducers, strain gauges, instruments, and complete test systems engineered to your unique application requirements.

Unmatched Capability

Our growing portfolio of products, sensor design expertise and service capabilities represents over 50 years of combined experience taking on the most advanced sensing challenges.

Global Reach, Local Support

We offer manufacturing at multiple locations in the U.S. and overseas. All our facilities are certified for the industries they serve, and all are supported locally by knowledgeable sales and service engineers.

A True Relationship

At HITEC, nothing is more important to us than serving you and your needs. We’re not just another vendor. We’re an engineering partner dedicated to developing and delivering custom solutions for your success.

BAE Systems Honors HITEC Sensors with 'Partner to Win' Supplier of the year award

BAE Systems’ Partner 2 Win program is designed to achieve operational excellence and eliminate defects in its supply chain by raising the bar of performance expectations to meet the demand of current and future customers.

What’s Happening

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Humanetics unites its group to focus on digital, safety and sensor technologies

Humanetics' desire to focus safety and technology innovation has led to a simplification of the Humanetics structure and a commitment to drive our capabilities through three divisions that will focus on Digital, Safety and Sensor Technology.

The Benefit of Custom-Made Force Sensors in the Medical Industry

The function of many drug-delivery, therapeutic, and medical device systems often relies on a change in force. Learn about how this change can be initiated by either the patient or can be automatically changed by the device itself.

The Sensors Used In Fly-By-Wire And All-Electric Aircraft

A growing interest in finding ways either to replace heavily polluting hydrocarbon-based fuels or to increase their efficiency.

By The Numbers



across 2 manufacturing facilities

1 Million

Strain Gauges

installed per year, by grid count


Labor Hours

of strain gauge field installation completed by HITEC employees every year



of strain gauge instrumentation and sensor design excellence

Industries We Serve

Our sensors are incorporated into advanced, often custom applications in aerospace, medical, automotive, industrial, energy, electronics, and other industries to support high-quality manufacturing and testing as well as operational safety and control. We empower humans and their equipment to perform at their best.

Humanetics Sensors

Humanetics Sensors combines the capabilities of Fibercore's specialized fiber optics, HITEC's customer sensor design and assembly and OpTek's fiber processing, micromanufacturing and precision automated engineering to address advanced sensor needs across multiple sectors. Our combined capabilities offers customers a unique ability to develop custom advanced sensors for critical environments, at micron precision and scalable production speeds.

The global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and control in the world’s most demanding and harsh environments.

Unrivaled innovation for load cells, torque sensors, custom strain gauge-based sensors and instrumentation for medical, aerospace, and many other industries.

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World leading laser micromachining and optical-fiber processing tools and services meeting precision manufacturing challenges worldwide.

Humanetics Biomed

Discover the combined capabilities of Humanetics, including HITEC, through Humanetics Biomed. With over 50 years of expertise in custom sensors, specialized fibers and laser engineering we are your ideal Biomedical CDMO partner.

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