Satisfy your force sensor calibration and repair requirements

HITEC offers a full-service calibration laboratory, with our Chelmsford, Massachusetts, facility accredited by A2LA to the ISO 17025 standard, A2LA certificate number 1668.01. All HITEC transducers are shipped with a NIST Traceable Calibration certificate.

HITEC is well positioned to satisfy your force sensor calibration and repair requirements, regardless of manufacturer. Our services include transducer repair ranging from simple wiring repairs to complete sensor remanufacturing, with reliable service and rapid turnaround. Feel free to contact us for an estimate and a return authorization.  

  • Force calibrations to 300,000 pounds
  • Torque calibrations to 360,000 pound-inches
  • Calibrations performed using a combination of NIST traceable force standards and certified dead weights
  • Sensor and instrument system calibrations available upon request
  • 12 Month Warranty on all repair services

Scheduled Calibration Services

Customers can schedule a recalibration in advance, so that products can be calibrated and returned on a specific date. The benefits of pre-scheduling calibrations are greater flexibility for planning outages, increased efficiency, maximized service usage and minimized equipment downtime.

Calibrations can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance and requested dates are guaranteed as long as HITEC receives products one week prior to the scheduled calibration date. There is no fee for this service.

For those instances where advanced planning is not possible, or for urgent requests that pop-up, HITEC can offer expedited calibration services for a fee. For the most common parts, this means a turn-round time of less than one week. These include:

90061* - Weld Force Gauges

01324* - Rotary Shaft Slip Ring Torque Sensor

01424* - Rotary Shaft Digital Non-Contact Torque Sensor

10293* - Window Pinch Force System: Hands-Free Pinch Force Sensor

01184* - Airbag Compatible Steering Effort Sensor

Expedited calibration for all other parts will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact your HITEC Customer Service Representative to schedule a recalibration or for questions about pricing and availability. Inquiries can also be sent to [email protected]

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