HITEC Sensor Developments is located in Chelmsford, MA, approximately 50 miles northwest of Boston, MA. Equipped with in-house machine shop, calibration, OEM transducer production, and component strain gaging laboratory, HITEC Sensor Developments provides world-class sensor design capabilities, in-house or in-field calibration and testing, and a wide range of both custom and standard sensor products.

Component Applications

Strain gauge installations & stress measurement for component analysis

  • Sensor system selection & application
  • Extreme environments
  • Field support & DAQ
  • Extreme temperatures up to 2100°F
  • Component transducerization
  • Custom load cells

Custom OEM Sensors

Force, torque, & pressure transducers for incorporation into customer product

  • Conceptual designs
  • Prototypes
  • Integrated electronics
  • Production (one-off to 100,000+)
  • Calibration

A Wide Range of

Standard, custom & application specific sensors & instruments

  • Load cells
  • Force sensors
  • Torque sensors
  • Strain gauges
  • Weld force sensors
  • Vehicle test sensors
  • Instruments & DAQ systems


Our calibration team offers load cell and temperature compensated calibrations. HITEC equipment includes hydraulic presses with up to 300,000-pound capacity and torque frames capable of producing and controlling up to 250,000 in.-lbs. of torque.

All HITEC calibrations are NIST traceable, and calibrations can be done either at the sensor level or systems level.

Our Orion, Michigan calibration laboratory is accredited to the ISO 17025 standard certificate. Each strain gauged based transducer produced or repaired is fully certified to these exacting calibration standards. Our service department is committed to providing the highest quality repair, remanufacturing, and recalibration of strain gauge based transducers at competitive prices with quick, reliable turnaround times. Our extensive repair capabilities range from simple wiring repairs to complex re-gaging of a customer’s sensor.


Our OEM transducer production area is staffed with technicians averaging ten or more years of experience in sensor installation, wiring, temperature compensation, and coating processes. Full thermal testing capabilities from -300F to +2000F, our chambers can accommodate both large and small parts.


IP67 rated data acquisition capabilities include over 100 channels (force, temperature, pressure, acceleration, etc.) whether testing is done in-house or at the customer site.


HITEC’s strain gauge laboratory is equipped with several large capacity ovens to accommodate oversized items such as oilfield MWD equipment, aircraft engine and turbomachinery components, exhaust components, and more.


Our engineering staff can meet the needs of our customers by creating custom fixtures for sensor installation and calibration. Our in-house machine shop allows for rapid prototyping, supports various processes such as brazing, EDM, grinding, lathe turning, milling (both CNC and conventional), as well as welding.


HITEC’s Rokide™ Flame Spray booth, allows our highly skilled technicians to provide sensor applications to support strain measurements in high temperature environments of up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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