HITEC Sensor Developments was formed today by the merger of Hitec Sensor Solutions and Sensor Developments. HITEC Sensor Developments offers a wide range of custom sensors solutions and services for load, force, pressure, torque strain, motion and temperature testing, as well as both in-house and on-site strain gaging and data acquisition and strain gauge bonding,

Hitec Sensor solutions was established in 1971 to provide a wide range of specialized engineering services for elevated temperature and extreme environment sensor installations and measurements. Specific advances by the founders of the company include the development of various sensor application techniques that contribute to our success in the sensor industry. Throughout the years we have expanded our capabilities to offer custom transducerization of components to a wide variety of industries and custom OEM transducers from design to production in large quantities. Sensor Developments was formed in 1976 as an engineering consulting firm specializing in the science of force measurement and sensor design.

Together, now known as HITEC Sensor Developments, the new company is able to offer a wider range of custom sensor products and services. HITEC Sensor Developments is owned by Safety Technology Holdings, a global supplier of precision test systems and sensor solutions.


Safety Technology Holdings is a leading global supplier of precision test systems and sensor solutions. Through its Humanetics Innovative Solutions, HITEC Sensor Solutions, Sensor Developments (SDI) and FronTone companies, STH harnesses the best of today’s technologies for the creation of high-quality products which play a critical role in improving safety, comfort and protection of people and their environment. Humanetics is the world’s leading supplier in the design and manufacture of sophisticated crash test dummies, associated finite element software simulation models and advanced safety test and calibration equipment. HITEC and SDI develop and supply custom force, load, torque and pressure sensors and advanced strain gauging services, while FronTone manufactures state-of-the-art safety test equipment. Safety Technology Holdings is a portfolio company of Golden Gate Capital. For additional information on STH and its family of companies see www.stholdingsinc.com, for Humanetics see www.humaneticsatd.com, for HITEC see www.hitecorp.com, for SDI see www.sendev.com and for FronTone see www.frontone.at.

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