Sensors for Aerospace Applications

HITEC designs and manufactures state-of-the-art force, movement, and torque sensors for civil and military aviation as well as governmental and private spaceflight programs. Our custom solutions are optimized to meet the uniquely specialized requirements of the aerospace industry, delivering on our uncompromising standards of performance, quality, and reliability.

Over the course of our 50+ year history, we have developed an exceptional range of sensor capabilities, gaining a unique insight into the aerospace industry’s demands for sensor functionality, space and weight-saving, ease of integration, reliability in extreme conditions, and meeting certification requirements. While we also provide the industry with general-purpose sensors, our greatest contribution is our ability to customize sensors to the rigorous specifications of the most vital aerospace sensor applications.

How are Sensors Used in Aerospace?

Aerospace Sensors
Active Flight Control Sticks

Dual & Single Axis Force Sensor

Measure Pilot input (force applied) and feeds into flight control system


Quad Redundancy

Enhance the reliability and fault tolerance of critical systems

Fuselage & Structure Integrity

Industrial Custom Load Cells

Provide accurate measurements of forces acting on different components and structures


Minature Sensors

Designed to measure various parameters and collect data in aircraft


Custom Designed Force Sensor

Tailored to meeting the specific requirements of measuring forces in aerospace systems

Brake Systems

Aircraft Electric Brake Sensor

Large weight savings over traditional hydraulic braking systems

Turbine Blade Sensors

Used within design and development of turbine engines

Secondary Load Path Sensors

Functions as part of the secondary load path engagement detection system

Continuous Level Sensors

Designed to measure and monitor the level of waste or fluid in tanks within and aircraft

What Sensors are used in Aerospace?

Our custom sensor designs are found on well-known flight platforms including the Airbus A220 and A350, Gulfstream G500 and G600, Embraer E170/190, and are soon to be installed on the Block 2 version of the Boeing CH-47F. They provide precise, repeatable measurement for airframe structural analysis and fatigue testing, electric actuation systems, health, and usage monitoring systems (HUMS), advanced cockpit controls, and many other applications.

Miniature Sensors

Monitoring the fuselage of an aircraft is critical to safety and performance, our miniature sensors can be placed throughout an aircraft to provide sensory data on the health of the structure.

Torque Thrust Load Cell

Our Torque Thrust Load Cell sensors provide pilots with haptic feedback from the flight control sticks to give them more information and greater control while they fly.


Custom Design Sensors

We specialise in providing bespoke custom strain gauge sensors for the aerospace industry to suit any application.

Expertise and Engineering for Safer Aircraft

As the aerospace industry makes increasing use of electric actuation, data-based monitoring, and standardized controls systems, HITEC is the ideal partner for sensors that are available today and engineered for the long-term future.

Our experts work in direct collaboration with yours. For example, we can work with your engineers to customize best-fit sensors for your aircraft. We can come to your site to install strain gauges throughout your airframe, with all data routed to a single point for analysis. We understand certification requirements and can help you meet them for individual sensors and integrated assemblies.

And we are not just a supplier. We’re a partner, committed to your long-term success wherever you design, build, and fly your aircraft. It’s a level of commitment proven in well over 6 million flight hours to date, with tens of thousands of sensors in the air around the world. Aerospace sensor applications include:

  • Electrical actuators for braking and other systems
  • HUMS force sensing
  • Flight controls
  • Cockpit controls
  • Airframe fatigue test and measurement
  • Control surface load detection
  • Secondary load-path structures
  • And many more

You’ll find off-the-shelf sensors on this website, but our greatest strength is in customizing sensor solutions to your exacting technical requirements. Contact your HITEC sales representative to discuss your needs.

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