Strain Gauge Based Sensors For Medical Equipment

HITEC provides extremely sensitive strain gauge-based sensors for medical equipment, incorporating a choice of foil and semiconductor technology. Both types have wide application in the healthcare environment, from precisely measuring larger forces in equipment such as patient tables and imaging systems to the tiny forces involved in the most delicate medical procedures.

In particular, our sensors based on semiconductor strain gauges provide exceptional resolution at the thin and small sizes needed for endoscopic tools, catheters, suture devices, infusion pumps, surgical staplers, and more. We also provide wireless sensors for use in a wide range of applications, such as measuring torque in the rotational components of surgical robots, CT scanners and other medical devices.

Our expertise for medical sensors is backed by more than 50 years of experience. Custom engineering and manufacturing is our specialty, enabling us to understand and serve the needs of medical equipment manufacturers like no other provider can. And we deliver highly customized solutions in high volumes—manufactured, installed, and serviced either in the U.S.A. or overseas to achieve optimum pricing and delivery for any application.

Our sensor solutions help surgeons work smarter and with greater precision. They help diagnosticians see clearly. They help enable minimally invasive surgeries that lead to faster and more complete recovery. They help patients be more comfortable, mobile, and healthy. We can’t imagine a more vital role to play. We’re proud to offer the highest-quality sensors, purpose-customized for the demanding needs of medical equipment suppliers in virtually every healthcare field.

Healthcare-Specific Expertise and Engineering

Our sensors based on foil strain-gauge technology have a long, proven history in medical applications. To support continuing progress in areas such as minimally invasive surgery and surgical robotics, we also offer customized sensors that incorporate semiconductor technology to achieve up to 150 times greater resolution and 10 times greater overload protection.

Temperature compensation and isolation from noise and vibration provide the reliable, no-creep accuracy needed for the most sensitive medical procedures. Hermetic sealing and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures ensure long-term reliability through hundreds of autoclave cycles.

With sensors capable of measuring forces through all six axes, and measurement capacities as low as 50 mg, our sensors deliver the precision needed for practically any medical application—from precisely guiding a surgeon’s hand to decoding the DNA of a genetic disorder or a virulent pathogen.


Medical Sensor Applications

HITEC’s highly customized sensors are engineered with deep understanding of the medical equipment industry and what it requires in terms of function, quality, regulatory certification and support. Applications include:

  • MRI and CT scan machines
  • Mammography
  • Surgical robotics
  • Occlusion sensors for infusion pumps
  • Surgical catheters
  • Force sensing for surgical instruments
  • Surgical staplers and suture devices
  • Weight tables
  • Force feedback for prosthetic limbs
  • And many more

You’ll find off-the-shelf sensors on this website, but our greatest strength is in customizing solutions to your exacting technical requirements. Contact your HITEC sales representative to discuss your needs.

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