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Our engineers have found ways to instrument the most exacting environments, and the most powerful turbines in the world with sensors. We call that, sensory intelligence. We're proud that our relentless pursuit of innovation enables us to deliver custom solutions to our clients - and we're delighted to share our perspectives here, on the industry, technology and future of engineering.

Measuring Force with Load Pins Webinar

Measuring Force with Load Pins Webinar

Hosted by our own Sensor Specialists, this online event promises to bring valuable insights, best practices and ground breaking developments in the realm of Industrial Load Pins.
HITEC Wind Turbine Sensors Strain Gauged

Strain Gauge Sensors for Wind Turbines

HITEC Sensors has developed strain gauge-based sensing solutions and instrumentation that accurately measure and monitor the loads experienced by wind turbine blades during operation.
Biomedical Infusion Pump

Sensors In Infusion Pumps

The implementation of force sensors in infusion pumps helps regulate fluid delivery and dosage to a patient and can also detect possible occlusions and blockages via pressure changes.

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