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Our engineers have found ways to instrument the most exacting environments, and the most powerful turbines in the world with sensors. We call that, sensory intelligence. We're proud that our relentless pursuit of innovation enables us to deliver custom solutions to our clients - and we're delighted to share our perspectives here, on the industry, technology and future of engineering.

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Semiconductor gauges for the medical Industry

Strain gauge technology doesn’t come in a one size fits all scenario. The solutions are as diverse and individual as are the applications for which they are specified and developed.
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George Low on the new look HITEC

George Low, Managing Director of HITEC, welcomes the new look for HITEC and reflects on his 19 year journey with the Humanetics Group.

Sensors for industrial quality control

For automated assembly line processes, consistency and quality control are key. We use built-in sensors in automated manufacturing processes to ensure standards are met.

The Wheatstone Bridge

Learn more about the Wheatstone bridge - two simple voltage dividers connected to a common voltage source.

Frequency Response of Sensors

If a mechanical input is applied at a rapid rate, a sensor may distort the conversion. We explore the sources of these distortions and how to apply corrections.

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