Bridge Amplifier

This miniature, on-board, transducer amplifier is capable of supplying excitation voltage and amplifying millivolt signals from strain gauge based transducers.

The model 90376 bi-polar amplifier can be mounted inside the housings of many of our load cells and torque sensors. Where space is a premium, these amplifiers can also be integrated into the back shell of the connector, or in-line with the signal cable. Uses include interfacing sensors with PC cards, A/D boards, standard panel meters, and other instrumentation that require high-level analog signal inputs.

Model number: 90376

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    Key Features


    • Adjustable zero output
    Bi-Polar Output +/-5V or +/-10Vdc (factory set)  
    Gain (Fixed) 11 to 10,000 (resistor settable)  
    Zero offset (sensor dependent)  
    Gain drift with temperature (typical) +/- 35ppm/°F  
    Offset drift with temperature (typical) +/-60ppm/°F  
    Operating temperature range -40°F to 185°F  
    Excitation output voltage 3Vdc  
    Minimum bridge impedance 350 Ohms  
    Operating voltage 11 – 15Vdc  
    Bandwidth 1kHz low pass filter  
    Quiescent current (excluding bridge) < 15mA