Peak Track Instrument

The model 90323 Peak Track Instrument is a general-purpose sensor readout device designed to complement our AutoID line of load cells and torque sensors. AutoID is a term that indicates that the calibration information for a sensor is stored on a chip inside the sensor’s connector.  AutoID allows true “plug and play” operation without manual calibration procedures of any kind. The unit is also equipped with a 2-line alphanumeric display and single button operation for simplicity.

Model number: 90323

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    Key Features
    • Continuous track and peak hold display
    • Single button operation
    • Automatic Plug and Play calibration with HITEC’s strain gauge based Auto-ID sensors
    • Automatic power-down
    • Works with all full bridge strain gauge based transducers
    Digits 4 plus sign  
    Conversion/Update Rates    
    Peak 60 Conversions/sec  
    Track 2 updates/sec  
    Display Update Rate 2 per sec  
    Signal Bandwidth (-3 dB) at 15 Hz  
    Filter Type Delta-Sigma, 1st notch at 60 Hz  
    Accuracy +/-0.01% of F.S.  
    Operating temperature 0 to 120° F  
    Temperature effect on zero and span +/-0.015% of F.S./°F  
    Sensor interface    
    Max input and F.S. +/- 6.0 mV/V  
    Polarity Bi-polar  
    Bridge excitation 2.5 V supplied  
    Minimum bridge impedance 350 ohms  
    Dimensions (inches) 2.8W x 1.0D x 4.7H  
    Power 9V battery  
    Weight (w/o battery) 3.9oz