Portable Digital Indicator

A-6357-00 Portable Digital Indicator is an instrument that connects with strain gauge based transducers. This unit displays input signals from transducers as an indicator value or graph display and features: Great visibility with color graphic LCD, high-speed processing A/D converter, indicator recording, interrupt check, and support for TEDS. The A-6357-00 is wonderfully portable and equipped to be highly functional with excellent cost-effectiveness.

Model number: A-6357-00

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    Compatible sensors Strain gauge transducer  
    Signal input terminals Round connector (NDIS7P)/terminal bank (connect only one at a time)  
    Operating temp range 0°C to 40°C  
    Storage temp range -20°C to 60°C  
    Excitation 2.5 VDC ±5% (30mA maximum current)  
    Signal input range ±5 mV/V  
    Weight 320 g Including batteries
    D/A Output ± 2V  
    A/D Conversion 1000 times/second, 24-bit  
    Digital filter Moving average (select from OFF, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048)  
    TEDS function IEEE1451.4 class 2 mix mode interface  
    Hold functions Sample hold, peak hold, bottom hold, zone definition hold (peak, bottom)  
    Power supply 4 alkaline or NiMH AA batteries USB bus power (built-in Micro-USB B connector)  
    Operating humidity range 85% RH or less (without condensation)  
    Applicable standards CE marking, VCCI (Class A), FCC (Class A)  
    External dimensions (WxHxD) Approximately 85mm x 140mm x 35mm (without protrusions)  
    <strong>EQUIVALENT INPUT/TEDS</strong>    
    Calibration range 0.3 mV/V - 0.5mV/V  
    Calibration precision Within 0.1% F.S. (when using a 1m standard HITEC Ø8, 6-core shielded cable with 350Ω impedance, when 5mV/V)  
    Non-linearity Within 0.01% F.S. + digit (when 5mV/V)  
    Zero drift Within 0.5μV/°C (input conversion value)  
    Gain drift 0.005% / °C or less  
    <strong>D/A OUTPUT</strong>    
    Output connector BNC  
    Output voltage ±2.0V  
    Resolution 70.16μV typ  
    Non-linearity 0.02% F.S. or less  
    Zero drift 0.1mV/°C or less  
    Gain drift 0.003%/°C or less  
    Display 2.4" color TFT LCD  
    Display modes Setting screens, indicator value digital display, graph display, recorded data list display, static strain display  
    Languages Japanese/English  
    <strong>INDICATOR VALUE</strong>    
    Display range -99999 to 99999  
    Decimal point Display position selectable  
    <strong>DISPLAYED ITEMS</strong>    
    Calibration settings Zero calibration/span calibration (TEDS calibration, actual load calibration, equivalent input calibration)  
    Function settings High limit, low limit, comparison mode, hysteresis, nearly zero, moving average, motion detect, zero tracking, digital zero, digital zero offset, zone definition Hold mode, control lock, minimum grid, digital zero limit, clear digital zero, select data output, D/A converter
    Sensor value memory Six types of calibration values for each connected sensor  
    <strong>DATA RECORDING</strong>    
    Indicator value 300 maximum. Recorded contents: ID number, date and time, recording mode, sensor value memory number, indicator value  
    Graph recording 8 maximum. Recorded contents: ID number, date and time, sensor value memory number, trigger mode, grapgh waveform