USB Sensor Link

The 90386 is a portable sensor interface that powers and processes strain gauged based sensor into USB compatible signals. No need for additional signal processing or special PC cards.

This versatile instrument is designed for:

  • Measuring force, torque, pressure, or displacement.
  • Capturing and storing multiple peaks.
  • High-speed recording of measurement profiles vs. time.
  • RPM measurements (di-mag pick-up or optical encoder), including horsepower calculation.
  • Control of remote devices.

Model number: 90386

For more information or to request additional specification, please contact us.

    Key Features
    • 2 channel input (strain and or speed/position).
    • Built in excitation supply for strain gage bridge and speed sensor.
    • Optional high level (+/-10V, +/-5V) input in place of strain.
    • Speed/position input – quadrature encoder, di-mag pickup, 5VDC excitation.
    • Simultaneous sampling across all channels, strain and speed (no analog multiplexing).
    • AutoID compatible.
    • Sensor & I/O connections made via removable terminal block.
    • PC software for graphical display and streaming data to disk.


    • Enhanced Graphic User Interface software available.
    • Multi-channel configurations.
    Max input and F.S. 4.5 mV/V  
    Polarity Bi-polar  
    Bridge excitation 5 V supplied  
    Minimum bridge impedance 350ohms  
    Electroncs Dimensions 5.3W x 5.1D x 1.5H  
    Power Requirements-AC (adapter supplied) 115 Vac  
    Strain input 16 bits, 4 pole 400Hz low pass filter, 5Vdc exc.  
    Digital I/O 8 bits of TTL compatible by-directional  
    Sample rate 2000 strain/position samples per sec  
    PC Interface USB 2.0 compatible  
    Manuals & Instructions