High Temperature Miniature S-Beam Load Cell

High Temperature Miniature S-Beam Load Cell is a bi-directional, strain gauge-based sensor made from aluminum. It features high performance and built-in temperature compensation up to 300°F, with better than 0.05% full-scale non-linearity.

Model number: HTSB

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    Rated capacity 50, 100, 150 & 250 lbf  
    Rated output (RO) 3mv/V nom.  
    Safe overload 150 % of R.O.  
    No load offset (zero balance) ±1% of R.O.  
    Excitation (VDC or VAC) 10 MAX, 5V recommended  
    Input impedance 350 Ω nom.  
    Output impedance 350 Ω nom.  
    Non-linearity ±0.05% of R.O.  
    Hysteresis ±0.03% of R.O.  
    Nonrepeatability ±0.02% of R.O.  
    Temp. Shift zero ±0.005% of R.O./°F (±0.009 of R.O./° C)  
    Temp. Shift span ±0.005% of LOAD/°F (±0.009 of LOAD/° C  
    Compensated temp. 0 to 300 °F (-20 to 150 °C)  
    Operating temp -65 to 320 °F (-50 to 160 °C)  
    Material Aluminum  
    Calibration (STD) Tension