Miniature S Beam

Miniature S-Beam Load Cell

The Miniature S-Beam Load Cell is a bi-directional Aluminium strain gauge based transducer with high performance and built-in temperature compensation. This design provides better than ±0.1% (full scale) non-linearity and includes overload protection in both tension and compression directions. Options include IEEE1451.4 TEDS capability.

Model number: MSBLC

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    Parameter Range Notes
    Capacity 2, 5 & 10 lbf.  
    Rated Output (RO) 2mV/V nom.  
    Non-linearity ±0.1% of RO  
    Hysteresis ±0.1% of RO  
    Repeatability ±0.1% of RO  
    Zero balance ±3% of RO  
    Temp Shift Zero ±0.01% of RO/°F (±0.018 of RO/°C)  
    Temp Shift Span ±0.02% of LOAD/°F (±0.036 of LOAD/°C)  
    Compensated Temp Range 5 to 160 °F (-15 to 71 °C)  
    Operating Temp Range -60 to 200 °F (-51 to 93 °C)  
    IP Rating IP40  
    Bridge resistance 1000Ω  
    Excitation 5V recommended, 10V Max  
    Calibration (STD) 5 pt. Tension & Compression  
    Safe overload 150% of RO  
    Material Aluminium  
    Deflection 0.004" [0.1mm] nom.  
    Weight 0.02 lb [9 g]  
    Connector DB9 Male or Female specify at time of order
    Thread M3x0.5 or #4-40 specify at time of order
    TEDS IEEE1451.4 TEDS Optional