Air Bag Compatible Steering Effort Sensor

Digital IR telemetry offers continuous, non-contact torque data from the very low mass, rotating steering sensor to a stationary receiver. This system provides a portable, state-of-the-art steering effort sensor. It can be used in the field, laboratory, or on the test track to measure steering torque and angle requirements.

Model number: 01184

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    Key Features
    • Low system mass
    • Airbag compatibility
    • No drag from bearings or slip rings
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Digital infrared telemetry to eliminate signal interference


    • CAN output, CAN 2.0B standard
    • Complete DAQ system with interface software (ref model 90422)
    Capacity (in. lbs.) F.S 200, 500, 1000, 1500  
    Output nom., F.S. +/- 5 volts DC  
    Signal Coupling Infrared Transmitter/Receiver  
    Encoder (optical) 7,200 PPR w/Quadrature  
    High (H) Resolution (degrees) .05  
    Max Range (degrees) +/- 409  
    Output at max range (volts) +/- 5  
    Low (L) Resolution (degrees) 0.2  
    Max Range (degrees) +/- 1638  
    Output at max range (volts) +/- 5  
    Rate (degrees/sec) 2.8  
    Range (degrees/sec) +/- 1000  
    Output at max range (volts) +/- 5  
    Mass Moment of Inertia (in lb sec2) 0.20