Non-Air Bag Compatible Steering Effort Sensor

This steering effort transducer was designed to evaluate steering torque requirements of non-airbag equipped, new and existing steering systems and components used in automobiles, trucks, buses, and material handling equipment. Quantitative evaluations of steering systems, steering geometries, tire interactions, and safety factors are made using this device. The steering effort sensor is equipped with a 14” steering wheel. This is fastened to the existing steering wheel by means of a fixed or optional adjustable 3 point clamp assembly. For direct steering shaft attachment, a custom adapter plate is available.

Model number: 01027

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    Key Features


    • High-level analog torque signal output
    • Steering column adapter plates
    • Replace 10kohm potentiometer with optical encoder
    • Encoder to analog convertor
    Capacities 100 to 3,000 in.- lbs.  
    Overload capacity 150% of F.S.  
    Output at full scale load 2.0 mV/V nominal  
    Non-linearity 0.10% of F.S.  
    Hysteresis 0.10% of F.S.  
    Zero balance 1% of F.S.  
    Compensated temperature 70 to 170°F  
    Useable temperature -65 to +250°F  
    Temperature effect on zero 0.002% of F.S./°F  
    Temperature effect on span 0.002% of Rdg./°F  
    Bridge resistance 350 Ohms  
    Excitation voltage, maximum 20 Vdc  
    Excitation/Signal transmission Slip ring coupled  
    Resolution Infinite  
    Encoder Resistive  
    Encoder range 10 turns – 10K Ohms