Power Sliding Door Assembly

The incorporation of power doors on new automobiles has necessitated control systems to prevent personal injury and trapping. In order to design, tune, and validate these systems, accurate force measurements need to be made at critical locations of the doors travel. Designing innovative and easy to use fixturing for HITEC’s popular model 10293 hands-free pinch sensor has allowed engineers and technicians to make these measurements accurately and repeatably.

The model 90411 fixture allows the pinch sensor to be mounted to a sliding door panel and measure the peak closing forces generated, prior to motor reversal, at various opening widths. By allowing the sensor to be positioned parallel to direction of travel, and not just parallel to the door, the true force generated is measured, not just a component of that force.

Model number: 90411

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    Output (at 200N Max Load) 2mV/V nominal  
    Non-linearity (%F.S.) 0.1  
    Hysteresis (%F.S.) 0.1  
    Overload Capacity 1,000N  
    Compensated Temperature Range (°F) 70 to +170  
    Usable Temperature Range (°F) -65 to +250  
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