Wheel Torque Sensor

This telemetry based wheel torque sensor is used to measure the torque, speed, and temperature of tire/brake systems without the need for wheel rim modifications or anti-rotation brackets. The 90360 series consists of three primary components: The torque sensor, vehicle adapter plates to integrate the sensor, and the digital FM telemetry to transmit and process signals. All output signals are conditioned to a high-level analog output.

Model number: 90360

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    Key Features
    • Non-contact signal transmission.
    • High level analog outputs for torque, speed, and temperature (2 temp channels).
    • High extraneous load carrying capabilities.
    • RS-232 serial output (torque only).
    • On-board shunt calibration and power switch.
    • 9V Battery powered transmitter.
    • Vehicle adapter plates with minimal centerline offset (no rim modifications).
    • Custom wheel rims available to maintain tire centerline.
    • Custom capacities and configurations available.
    Typical full scale loads 7,000in-lbs to 80,000inlbs  
    Maximum rpm 1200/1750  
    Temperature reading range (RTD based) -100 to +500° C  
    Analog output (receiver) 0 to +/- 5V (FS)  
    Sensor low pass filter 300Hz, 4-pole Butterworth type  
    Sensor Hysteresis 0.25% of full scale  
    Sensor Non-linearity 0.25% of full scale  
    Sensor signal sample rate 950 Hz  
    Cross-talk <2% full scale  
    Technical Bulletins