Rotary Shaft Slip Ring Torque Sensor

These sensors are designed to measure rotating drive torque using a conventional shaft-to-shaft configuration for in-line placement. The design incorporates a coin silver slip ring assembly that transmits excitation voltage to, and output signals from, the rotating sensor. These sensors can be supplied with Auto-ID, which eliminates scaling when used with the PTI or PMAC 3000 instruments. An optical encoder to measure angle or speed is also available with this model.

Model number: 01324

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    Key Features


    • 4 pin Bendix connector (non Auto-ID)
    • 10 pin Bendix connector (Auto-ID)
    • Integrated signal amplifier (+/-5V or +/-10V, 4-20mA)
    • Integral optical encoder – 1024 ppr and 1500 ppr (requires 10 pin connector)
    • Footmount
    Capacity 50 in-oz to 20,000 in-lbs (0.35 to 2300 Nm)  
    Overload capacity 150% of F.S.  
    Output at F.S. 2.0 mV/V nominal  
    Non-linearity 0.10% of F.S.  
    Hysteresis 0.10% of F.S.  
    Zero balance 1.00% of F.S.  
    Compensated temperature 70 to 170°F  
    Useable temperature -40 to +185°F  
    Temperature effect on zero 0.002% of F.S./°F  
    Temperature effect on span 0.002% of Rdg./°F  
    Bridge resistance 1000 Ohms  
    Excitation voltage, maximum 20 Vdc  
    Maximum shaft speed 5000 RPM