Strain gauge-based sensors, or transducers, can be incorporated into OEM products to provide feedback of force, load, torque, pressure or displacement. HITEC provides custom sensors for OEM customers in a variety of industries, including medical, aerospace, industrial, automotive/transportation and energy.

We work with your engineering team to develop proprietary designs and multiple solutions for your application. Once a design has been approved, we take it from the prototype stage through to released production. We handle everything from build-to-print of existing customer designs or gauging of customer-supplied materials through complete turnkey design, sourcing, and manufacturing.

We can make custom OEM sensors that are as simple as a gauged flexure to measure a single-axis load, or as complicated as a six-axis transducer measuring both load and moment.

Not only do we handle the mechanical aspects of the sensor, but we can also design to your electrical requirements as well, including circuit design, layout and prototyping, component selection, modification, testing and even supporting software. We can provide any type of output, from a simple millivolt signal to a fully calibrated and amplified analog or digital output, including wireless.


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