With 50 years of experience, HITEC fully understands that unique projects need specialist attention. Our background and history is the customization of strain gauge-based products. Our highly skilled in-house engineering teams, distributed across our three manufacturing sites, work with customers to devise the best possible solution for each unique application requirement. 

We understand that many applications call for a bespoke solution. We draw upon our extensive custom-design experience when working with customers to modify standard products for a wide range of specialized purposes. Engineering expertise and customer-driven service define the HITEC difference across every area of our business.


How We Can Help

With such a diverse skill set, HITEC is ideally positioned to meet the challenges of any custom solution you may need. We can help you with everything from technical support to complete solutions, with design and manufacturing tailored to meet the business needs of high-volume OEMs to small-volume specialist jobs and even one-off projects.

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Custom solution examples:

  • Higher operating temperature
  • Different cable exits
  • Different cable lengths
  • Full-scale calibration
  • In-line amplifiers
  • Integrated amplifiers
  • A range of outputs
  • Hermetic sealing
  • A range of different IP ratings
  • Submersible designs
  • TEDS
  • A range of connectors options
  • Wireless communications
  • Different product footprints


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