Precision agriculture, a pivotal concept in farm management, integrates various sensor technologies within the agricultural sector. These sensors play a crucial role in modern farming by accurately measuring soil compaction levels. This data enables farmers to make informed decisions regarding soil management practices, ultimately optimizing crop growth and yield while preserving soil health for sustainable agriculture.

Precision agriculture is a farm management strategy that utilizes information technology to optimize agriculture's productivity and sustainability, it could help address these issues whilst ensuring that farmers can meet the rising demand for food.


We specialize in developing downforce sensor devices for industrial planters, ensuring consistent seed planting depth for improved yield and efficiency.  Downforce sensors in seed planters provide real-time feedback on soil pressure, ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact for germination and root establishment. By precisely measuring downward force during planting, downforce sensors in seed planters help farmers adjust equipment settings to mitigate soil compaction, promoting healthier root growth and uniform emergence across fields. HITEC's Force Sensor marks a significant advancement in precision agriculture, empowering farmers to maximize productivity while minimizing resource wastage.


Seed planter


HITEC's Weight Load Cells revolutionize weighing applications for carts in agriculture, serving as the pivotal sensing element behind the scale. Designed with precision and durability, these load cells accurately measure the weight of crops, feed, fertilizer or seed onto carts. By providing reliable weight measurements, farmers and logistics managers can optimize load capacities, ensure compliance with transportation regulations, and streamline distribution processes. HITEC's Load Cells offer robust performance even in harsh agricultural environments, contributing to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the supply chain. Their integration signifies a significant advancement in agricultural logistics, enhancing productivity and facilitating seamless operations.

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HITEC Load Pin Custom Manufacturing

Load Pin

Load Pin is a stainless steel, shear pin type load cell with improved performance over temperature and designed for use in hostile environments.

Button Load Cell

Button Load Cells are strain gage based transducers with temperature compensation and excellent overall performance.

Custom Transducer Designs

We have the experience and expertise to provide custom products that meet the exact requirements of your application.


Draft pins serve as essential components in tractor hitches, providing a means to measure the force or load being pulled by the tractor. Universally employed and widely recognized, they represent one of the most common tools in agricultural machinery. Found in a multitude of equipment such as balers, draft pins are indispensable wherever there's a clevis or hitch connection. Their versatility allows them to seamlessly integrate into various agricultural tasks, ensuring precise measurement of pulling force across different applications. Whether it's towing a trailer, operating a plow, or engaging in other heavy-duty tasks, draft pins play a fundamental role in accurately assessing the load exerted on the tractor, facilitating efficient and effective farm operations.


Draft Pin


Sensors in farming revolutionize food production, boosting yields, and trimming inputs to elevate farmer profits, combat food insecurity, and enhance agricultural sustainability. These sensors arm farmers with rich data for informed decision-making, curbing financial risks and fostering precise crop planning to minimize waste. Programmable sensors trigger alerts at crucial thresholds, swiftly resolving issues and streamlining operations. Beyond financial gains, sensor integration in agriculture yields substantial environmental benefits by curbing fertilizer runoff, mitigating water contamination, and optimizing irrigation practices. This technological advancement holds promise for conserving global water resources and fortifying environmental stewardship.

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Chris Delling HITEC Sensors

Chris Delling

Chris Delling is Field Sales Manager at HITEC Sensors with expertise in strain-gauge based force and torque sensors. With over 35 years experience in the field as well as industry experience in the construction and agriculture markets, Chris has a passion for sensor design and developing custom solutions.