Signal Conditioner

Model 90131 Bridge sensor is a self-contained, AC powered, signal conditioning module for bridge type sensors. It contains a precision differential instrumentation amplifier with filtered output and a highly regulated low noise, adjustable output bridge excitation source. The unit is completely encapsulated for use in rugged environments. The output filter cutoff frequency is 200 Hz and may be lowered by adding two external capacitors.

Model number: 90131

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    Key Features
    • Stable and accurate
    • 2 kHz frequency response
    • Rugged, compact, and fully encapsulated
    • Includes excitation and amplification
    • Easy to use screw terminations
    Gain range 40-250  
    Gain temperature coefficient 250 ppm/C  
    Output offset – Tare    
    Range -5V to +2V  
    Drift +/-0.2 mV/C  
    Common mode rejection    
    Gain + 40(DC-60 Hz) 90dB  
    Gain = 250(DC-60 Hz) 100dB  
    Rated output (2k load) +/-10V (4-20 mA available)  
    Frequency response (to -3dB)    
    2 pole Bessel Filter 2 kHz  
    Common mode input voltage +/- 10V  
    Excitation supply 4 to 15 VDC  
    Excitation current 120 mA maximum  
    Line isolation 500 VDC  
    Operating temperature 0C to 70C  
    Storage temperature -25 C to +85C  
    Weight 18 oz. (150 grams)  
    Size 3.75”L x 2.0”W x 3.0”H  
    Manuals & Instructions