Motor Mount Reaction Torque Sensor

This unique style torque sensor is designed to measure the reaction forces exerted on the motor housing.  HITEC’s model 01302 is directly mounted to the motor’s flange face as the main interface between it and the torque load.  It can be used with variable displacement motors, fluid meters, linear actuators, and other drive motors to measure the output torque, in real-time and at the source.  The use of this sensor greatly reduces the potential of electrical noise due to bearings or slip-ring brushes, and allows for more extreme environmental exposures, such as at sea or at remote field sites.

This sensor design can be adapted for a wide range of applications and motor face couplings including SAE type flanges.

Model number: 01302

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    Capacity 1200  
    Overload capacity 150% of F.S.  
    Output at F.S. 2.0 mV/V nominal  
    Non-linearity 0.10% of F.S.  
    Hysteresis 0.10% of F.S.  
    Zero balance 1.00% of F.S.  
    Compensated temperature 70 to 170°F  
    Useable temperature -65 to +250°F  
    Excitation voltage, maximum 20 Vdc