SAE Flange Reaction Torque Sensor

Accurately measure torque with hydraulic motor and pump load adapters and eliminate the guesswork of how hose pressure relates to drive torque with HITEC's SAE Type 2 reaction torque sensors. The reaction torque sensor features male and female SAE type flanges for easy integration in between the motor and load adapter. Various capacities and SAE flanges are available. This approach can also be adapted to other flange interfaces. Please contact factory regarding custom configurations.

Model number: 01298

For more information or to request additional specification, please contact us.

    Capacity 1400 in-lbs.  
    Overload capacity 150% of F.S.  
    Output at F.S. 2.0 mV/V nominal  
    Non-linearity 0.10% of F.S.  
    Hysteresis 0.10% of F.S.  
    Zero balance 1.00% of F.S.  
    Compensated temperature 70 to 170°F  
    Useable temperature -65 to +250°F  
    Temperature effect on zero 0.002% of F.S./°F  
    Temperature effect on span 0.002% of Rdg./°F  
    Bridge resistance 350 Ohms  
    Excitation voltage, maximum 20 Vdc