IRT Dynamometer Torque Sensor

The 90415 IRT (infrared rotating torque) sensor is based on our earlier IR model, 01251, and now includes a dual signal output featuring one analog signal (+/-5V, +/-10V, 2.5 +/-2.5V or 4-20mA) and a frequency output (10kHz +/-5kHz, 60kHz +/-20kHz, or 60kHz +/-30kHz).  All setup and configuration settings are completed through a USB based GUI package and features selectable outputs, filter settings, and range settings.  This sensor is designed for applications such as dynamometers and test stands where a high performance, high noise immunity, and non-contact torque measurement is required.

The rotating electronics of sensor are powered inductively.  The rectified, regulated voltage is then sent to a strain gauge bridge which senses applied torque. The signal is converted on-board the rotating torque sensor into digital format which is transmitted back to the base unit via IR diodes and receivers.  Once captured by the receiver base, it is processed and converted back to the desired signal output.

Model number: 90415

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    Key Features
    • High frequency response and accuracy
    • Voltage, current, and frequency signal outputs – GUI selectable
    • No bearings or moving parts
    • On-board shunt calibration
    • Increased gap tolerance for the base unit
    • Signal interrupt indication
    • Single piece sensing element
    • High immunity to signal noise
    • No brush induced signal interference
    • High operating RPM
    • Custom flange configurations available
    • Selectable digital filters down to 1Hz
    • No pots or dip switches
    • Software utility via USB interface
    • Software allows for real-time data recording.
    • Selectable output ranges


    • Dual Range Outputs
    • On-board Temperature Inputs
    • Speed Measurement
    • Torque and Thrust Measurement