In today's world, energy production stands as a cornerstone of the global economy and progress. At HITEC Sensors, we stand at the forefront of technological innovation, delivering bespoke measurement solutions tailored specifically for the energy sector's diverse needs.

With a wealth of experience spanning over 50 years in the most critical industries, our custom strain gauge sensors are engineered to excel in demanding environments. Whether it's power generating gas turbines, wind turbines, turbine blade testing, or oilfield drilling equipment, HITEC Sensors provides cutting-edge solutions that uphold the industry's highest standards of survivability and accuracy.

Experience innovation that powers the future of energy production.

Oil & Gas

Custom Strain Gauge Sensors

In the oilfield, where precision is paramount, we specialize in crafting custom solutions for down-hole drilling measurements, ensuring reliability and performance under the most extreme conditions.

Gas Turbines

Custom Strain Gauge Sensors

Our high-temperature strain gauging installations for gas-turbine applications are unrivalled, setting the benchmark for the industry. Leveraging advanced installation methods such as ceramic cement and Rokide flame spray, our technology enables strain gauges to operate seamlessly at temperatures surpassing 2,000°F.

Wind Turbines

Custom Strain Gauge Sensors

The rapid expansion of wind energy has spurred the evolution of bigger and more sophisticated wind turbine models. With the increasing size of these turbines, understanding their structural response to diverse loads grows progressively more demanding.

To tackle these hurdles, HITEC Sensors has engineered strain gauge-based sensing solutions and instrumentation. These tools precisely gauge and track the loads encountered by wind turbine blades during their operation.

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