Not able to ship your part to HITEC for gauge installation? Then let HITEC come to you. Our field-savvy engineers and technicians are skilled in sensor installation from start to finish:

  • Project management of complex logistics
  • Subcontracting, evaluation, selection and sensor tracking
  • Experts that can work independently or alongside your strain measurement team
  • Will travel worldwide for your on-site strain gauging and data acquisition needs


Testing and Measurement Support

HITEC’s sensor installation and data acquisition expertise are proven to help meet a variety of testing and measurement needs:

  • Design verification
  • Full-scale composites testing
  • Structures testing
  • Static, dynamic and live-load monitoring
  • Tension distribution measurement
  • CTE testing
  • Thermal, mechanical and residual stress analysis
  • Support for low-cycle fatigue, tensile strength, compressive strength, bending, indentation and puncture testing, rotating bend fatigue, crack growth, creep strength, and bi-axial tension and torsion.