In the realm of precision engineering, where every measurement matters, HITEC Sensors stands as a beacon of innovation, specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom strain gauge-based transducers.

With a legacy spanning over 50 years, HITEC has evolved into a global leader in custom force sensor solutions, serving diverse industries with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Custom Transducer Design: Meeting Your Exact Needs

Transducers, also known as sensors, play a pivotal role in sensing and quantifying physical characteristics such as force, load, torque, pressure, or displacement, and converting them into electrical signals for various applications.

HITEC understands the importance of tailored solutions and offers custom transducer design services to meet the exact requirements of clients. Whether it's integrating sensing capabilities into components, systems or adding functionality at any stage of the product life cycle, our strain gauge-based transducers offer accuracy and reliability.

Reasons for Customizing Strain Gauge-Based Sensors

Customizing a strain gauge-based sensor can offer several advantages when tailored to specific application requirements. Below are some key reasons why our customers opt for customization:

1. Unique Size, Geometry, or Maximum Capacity

Off-the-shelf load cells may not always meet the size, geometry, or maximum capacity requirements of certain applications. Customization allows for the design and manufacturing of sensors that precisely fit the dimensions and specifications of the application, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

2. Building into Complex Subassembly

Some applications demand the integration of sensors into more complex subassemblies or systems. Customization facilitates the seamless integration of sensors into these assemblies, ensuring compatibility and functionality within the broader system architecture.

3. Adding Custom Calibration Electronics and Lead-Outs

Customized sensors may require specific calibration electronics or lead-outs to meet the unique requirements of the application. Whether it's adjusting sensitivity, signal conditioning, or incorporating specialized connectors, customization allows for the integration of tailored electronics and lead-outs to optimize sensor performance.

4. Protection from Extreme Conditions

Certain industries, such as healthcare or food processing, require sensors that can withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, moisture, or chemical exposure. Customization enables the design and manufacturing of sensors with protective measures, such as autoclavable materials or coatings, ensuring durability and reliability in harsh environments.

5. Adding Wireless Communications

With the rise of IoT (Internet of Things) and wireless connectivity, there is a growing demand for sensors equipped with wireless communication capabilities. Customization allows for the integration of wireless communication modules, such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, or IoT protocols, enabling real-time data transmission and remote monitoring in applications where wired connections are impractical or cumbersome.

In summary, the decision to customize a strain gauge-based sensor often stems from the need to address specific application requirements, ranging from size and capacity to integration, protection, and communication capabilities. By opting for customization, businesses can ensure that their sensor solutions are tailored to deliver optimal performance, reliability, and functionality in their unique operating environments.

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The Customization Process

At HITEC, the journey towards a custom transducer solution begins with a thorough consultation with our Applications Engineering team. By understanding the client's objectives and requirements, we leverage advanced modelling software to develop a design that meets all necessary performance characteristics. After review and approval, prototypes are built for further qualification testing to ensure reliability and accuracy.

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Custom OEM Sensor Solutions

Strain gauge-based sensors, also known as transducers, play a pivotal role in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products by providing essential feedback on parameters like force, load, torque, pressure, or displacement. At HITEC, we specialize in crafting custom sensors tailored to the unique needs of OEM customers across a diverse array of industries, including medical, aerospace, industrial, automotive/transportation, and energy sectors.

Collaborating closely with your engineering team, we embark on a journey to develop proprietary designs and multiple solutions perfectly aligned with your application requirements. Once the design is approved, we seamlessly transition from the prototype stage to full-scale production. Our services encompass everything from building upon existing customer designs or gauging customer-supplied materials to comprehensive turnkey design, sourcing, and manufacturing solutions.

Whether your project demands a straightforward gauged flexure for single-axis load measurement or a sophisticated six-axis transducer capable of capturing both load and moment, we have the expertise to deliver. Our capabilities extend beyond the mechanical realm; we offer comprehensive support for your electrical requirements as well. This includes circuit design, layout, prototyping, component selection, modification, testing, and even the development of supporting software.

When it comes to output options, we offer unparalleled flexibility. Whether you require a simple millivolt signal or a fully calibrated, amplified analog or digital output – including wireless transmission – we have you covered. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your custom OEM sensors not only meet but exceed your expectations, providing seamless integration and reliable performance in your products.

Customization of Standard Products

With over five decades of experience under our belt, HITEC comprehensively recognizes the importance of specialized attention for unique projects. Customizing strain gauge-based products has been our forte since inception, and it forms the backbone of our expertise and heritage.

Our highly skilled engineering teams, strategically located across our multiple manufacturing sites, collaborate closely with customers to develop the optimal solution for each distinct application requirement. We acknowledge that many applications demand a tailored approach, drawing upon our extensive experience in custom design to modify standard products for a myriad of specialized purposes. At HITEC, engineering proficiency and customer-centric service define our ethos, permeating every facet of our operations.

Custom solution examples

  • Higher operating temperature
  • Different cable exits
  • Different cable lengths
  • Full-scale calibration
  • In-line amplifiers
  • Integrated amplifiers
  • A range of outputs
  • Hermetic sealing
  • A range of different IP ratings
  • Submersible designs
  • TEDS
  • A range of connectors options
  • Wireless communications
  • Different product footprints
HITEC Custom Sensors - 1
HITEC Custom Sensors - 2
HITEC Custom Sensors - 4

The Whole Package: Our Offerings

  • Complete design and manufacturing of all components, including custom electrical PC boards, chip-based amplifiers, and telemetry systems.
  • Temperature compensation and environmental protection to ensure reliability in diverse operating conditions.
  • Force and torque calibration services to guarantee accuracy and precision.
  • A wide variety of outputs, including analog and digital signals of your choice, tailored to specific requirements.
  • Higher-level assembly with transducer integration capabilities for seamless integration into client systems.
  • US-based and offshore manufacturing options to accommodate varying production needs.
  • ISO 9001-2008 quality management and AS9100 certification for adherence to the highest quality standards.

Partnering for Success

With our diverse skill set, HITEC is impeccably positioned to tackle the challenges of any custom solution you require. Whether you seek technical support, complete solutions, or tailored design and manufacturing, we cater to the business needs of high-volume OEMs, specialized small-volume projects, and one-off endeavors alike.

Why not initiate a conversation with us today? Discover how HITEC can elevate your business with our expertise and tailored solutions crafted to meet your precise requirements.

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Garrett Knotowicz

Garrett Knotowicz is a Field Sales Manager at HITEC Sensors, specializing in custom strain gage-based sensors for the Biomedical and Aerospace & Defense markets. With over 14 years of experience in the field, Garrett possesses a deep understanding of custom sensor solutions. Throughout his career, Garrett has demonstrated a passion for delivering innovative turn-key solutions to customers and building long-lasting relationships.