Medical Sensors

For many years, HITEC has played a very important role in the medical sector, providing custom strain gauge-based sensors for a wide range of important, highly specialized applications. With evolving technologies and an industry that continually faces new challenges, medical device manufacturers are turning to HITEC as they work to create  solutions that save and improve lives using sophisticated force-measurement technology.

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Aerospace Sensors

HITEC is an AS9100 certified company serving the aviation and aerospace industry through the design and manufacture of specialized OEM sensors and transducers for measuring force, load and torque in a variety of applications.

We support fully qualified in-flight programs as well as ground testing, fatigue testing and more. HITEC has a strong pedigree in precision transducers and a proven track record for innovative aerospace engineering solutions, offering a wide range of sensor types, designs and services. Working with our customers, we are very pleased to have thousands of sensors on aircraft today.

HITEC provides sensors for:

  • Flight data inputs
  • Flight controls
  • Cockpit controls
  • Control rod load detection
  • Electrical braking actuators
  • Secondary load path structures
  • Aircraft test and measurement
  • HUMS force sensing

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Industrial Sensors

HITEC is a leading supplier to industrial customers around the world, designing and manufacturing  millions of high-quality, precision sensors to serve the needs of many industrial sectors over the course of more than 50 years...

Working with our customers, we push the boundaries of strain gauge technology, supplying custom sensors that measure from 3 grams to 300,000 pounds force.

From low-volume prototyping to high-volume OEM production, HITEC will continue to grow in industrial markets, driven by our dedication to quality and passion for solving the most difficult application challenges. Our high-skilled team is at the forefront of new possibilities for strain gauge-based products, always aiming to provide the best possible solution for each application we encounter.

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Automotive and Transportation Sensors

HITEC has a long history in the automotive industry. We currently supply force and torque sensors for window pinch, weld force, pedal force, seat belt, steering and other applications—all with the highest quality and precision.

Our engineering expertise, customization capabilities and dedicated support keep us at the forefront in this challenging market sector. Using our extremely diverse skill set to address ever-changing technology requirements, we are ideally positioned to solve each unique problem the automotive industry brings—where safer, faster, lighter and more responsive sensor solutions are always in demand.

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Energy Sensors

HITEC understands the advanced sensing solutions required for energy exploration and production, and currently supplies monitoring equipment, torque sensors and force sensors for many applications across the energy market.

HITEC has vast experience serving oil and gas customers, and we are creating new opportunities with custom-made sensors for renewable energy applications such as wind, water and solar. Across all these energy sectors, HITEC works closely with its customers to meet their unique challenges, engineering optimized sensing solutions and helping to support their critical projects.

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